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Charlie Duncan started doing photography in 2011 and has not stopped. He does everything from Portraits to Landscapes to Teaching people about photography. Charlie never knew the passion he had in photography until he started his journey with a 365 project. A 365 project is where you take a photo every day for the entire year, 365 days in a row. Charlie liked doing this so much he still has not stopped over 5 years later! Charlie says doing his photography every day keeps it fresh in his mind so that when he is on a job he doesn’t have to think to much about the photography aspect and can focus on having fun!

Charlie Duncan was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and absolutely loves it here.

He lives with his beautiful wife, lovely daughter, and his faithful dog Angel, just outside the small town of Darrington, Washington on the banks of the beautiful North Fork of the Stillaguamish river. Charlie moved out here in July of 2015 chasing his dream. Charlie enjoys getting in his car and heading out in to the unknown exploring every road his car will take him down in search of the next great photo to share with everyone!